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49 CFR 1090.2. Exemption of rail and highway TOFC/COFC service.

Except as provided in 49 U.S.C. 10505 (e) and (g), 109229(1), and 10530, rail TOFC/COFC service and highway TOFC/COFC service provided by a rail carrier either itself or jointly with a motor carrier as part of a continuous intermodal freight movement is exempt from the requirements of 49 U.S.C. subtitle IV, regardless of the type, affiliation, or ownership of the carrier performing the highway portion of the service. Motor carrier TOFC/COFC pickup and delivery services arranged independently with the shipper or receiver (or its representative/agent) and performed immediately before or after a TOFC/COFC movement provided by a rail carrier are similarly exempt. Tariffs heretofore applicable to any transportation service exempted by this section shall no longer apply to such service. The exemption does not apply to a motor carrier service in which a rail carrier participates only as the motor carrier's agent (Plan I TOFC/ COFC), nor does the exemption operate to relieve any carrier of any obligation it would otherwise have, absent the exemption, with respect to providing contractual terms for liability and claims.