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49 U.S.C. ง 14705. Limitation on actions by and against carriers

(b) Overcharges.— A person must begin a civil action to recover overcharges within 18 months after the claim accrues. If the claim is against a carrier providing transportation subject to jurisdiction under chapter 135 and an election to file a complaint with the Board or Secretary, as applicable, is made under section 14704 (c)(1), the complaint must be filed within 3 years after the claim accrues.

(f) Government Transportation.— This section applies to transportation for the United States Government. The time limitations under this section are extended, as related to transportation for or on behalf of the United States Government, for 3 years from the later of the date of—

(1) payment of the rate for the transportation or service involved

(2) subsequent refund for overpayment of that rate; or

(3) deduction made under section 3726 of title 31.

(g) Accrual Date.— A claim related to a shipment of property accrues under this section on delivery or tender of delivery by the carrier.

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