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Cemetery Layout   (Cemetery as it looks with one's back to Jamesville Avenue)
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Row Number
  Glazier, Esther                           Tipped over Solomon, Frieda Lipsitz, Isaac Lipsitz, Rae Rosen, Ruth Rosenberg, Etta M. and Morris   15
  End of stairway Victor, Louis Rutkoff, Edwin and Bessie Isaacs, Esther Bartnick, Minnie Butin Cohen, Tillie Feinglos, Rose Gabriel, Anna and Louis Cohen, Jennie S. Love, David Love, Rose K. Volpert, Ida G. and Simon J. Volpert, Samuel Abbot Volpert, William Alan Weiner, Esther and Harry L. Weiner, Fannie and Jacob Goldman,  Harry Goldman, Gittel Goldman, Seymour Myer Goldman, Israel Philip Garten, Marcus 14
      Rothschild, Isadore Pearlman, Moses N. and Hannah H. Pearlman, Samuel J. Isaacs, Gabriel Bartnick, William Isaacs, Dora Lena Fox, Jennie Tipped over Bernstein, Louis and Sarah Rothschild, Gustave Savasky, Anna B. Fitzer, Anna and Max Bluestone, Rev. Aaron and Vellie Brounstein,Hyman and Lena Savasky, Mary and Morris Gordon, Solomon A. and Mollie Zeamon, Ethel A.     13
      Kaletzky, Samson                              Father Nathan and Anna        
    Father Stolusky, Dveira Goldie and Jacob Smith, Lena R. Hare, Anna  and Aaron Tipped over Bloom, Dora Tipped over Bauman, Sarah A. Bauman, David Strasberg, Julius Sebelowitz, Isaac Brint, Rosa Brint, Jacob Burdick, Leon Aronson Naistadt, Rachel Forman, Nehama Hya Bruckner, Alfred Finkelstein, Rebecca   12
        Father Mother                                    
    Tipped over Tipped over Tipped over Tipped over Brodsky, Rachel Brodsky, Myer Tipped over Tipped over Finkelstein, Nathan Tipped over Post, Julius H. Post, Fanny Tipped over Lohman rest in Hebrew Alpert, Rose Albert, Israel and Fanny Figus, Jane F. and Morty Finkelstein, Belle Moore Finkelstein, Morris   11
Rosenbloom, Celia Balaban, Sophia Tipped over Tipped over Tipped over Tipped over Tipped over Greenberg, Jacob B. Wolf Olum, Benjamin and Bertha Steinberg, Samuel Cohen, Aaron Lieb, Freda Katz, Ida F. and Solomon J. Isaacs, Sarah and Max Graff, Joseph B. and Ida E. "G" Augins, Rebecca Augins, Simon Singer, Morris Singer, Rose Weinstein, Anna and Sarah   10
    Tipped over   Privis, Haiman Tipped over Nadler, Fannie and Shaie Tipped over Stone, David Tipped over Steinberg, Mother, Son, Father rest in Hebrew Glazier. Esther F. Tipped over Kogan, Max Rouff, Anna Tipped over Kogan, Henry Seidenberg, Sol Seidenberg, Myer Seidenberg, Ida Winkelstein, Fanny and Tillie   9
      Weitzman, Sarah Ross Weitzman, Rev. Hersch                                    
      Rudolph, Simon Tipped over Weitzman Besdin, Cherne Tipped over Tipped over Josephson, David S. Sara and Max Shapiro, Rachel Shapiro, Gershon Newman, Esther Newman, Emanuel Newman, Marian Kaminkowitz, Rose Tipped over Cohen, Isaacand Bessie Tipped over Raichelson, Harry and Rose   8
          Serling, Harry and Dora Pasmanick, Max Overgrowth Levine, Rose Tipped over Blumberg, Abe Tipped over Frank, Joseph Meyer and Rebecca Libbie Alderman, Fannie and Isadore Alderman, Hyman and Lena   Borssuck, Solomon and Rebecca Alderman Alderman, Fannie M.  and Louis Alderman, Michael and Anna Alderman, Reubin   7
                      Alderman, Louis Alderman, Martha                    
        Tipped over Hurwitz, Celia and Levi Greenhouse, Reuben Butin, Rachel Flush Marker all in Hebrew Weinstein, Mae Tipped over Rosenthal, Anna and Philip Alderman Frankel, double stone in Hebrew Hurwitz, Benjamin and Jennie Carmen, Jacob Grass, Sigmund and Minnie Umansky, Hyman Tipped over Hurwitz, Esther Frankel, Hyman Frankel, Anna C. 6
  Kupferberg, Anna Pasmanick, Martha Maloff, Michelle Karen Tipped over Tipped over Tipped over Friedman, Minnie and Morris Friedman, Leon Weinstein, Hyman Leavitt, Samuel  C. Marker "A" Hoffman, Louis Edelstein, Isaac G. and Emma Golden, Isaac and Rae Rubinson, Esther Rubinson, Joseph Tipped over Wolovelsky, Abraham Salman and Hynd Yente   Flaxman, David R. and Celia Herr, Max 5
    Finkelstein, Anna and Nathan Finkelstein, Julius and Lena Finkelstein, Max N.and Jacob B. Pudlin, Levi and Sarah Sobol, Sophia Tipped over Zambrowsky, Rabbi M. L. Osofsky, Gussie and Morris Lavine, Michael H. Schieff, Pearl Buck, Belle Seidel, Minasha and Minnie Weinstein, A.H. Bailin, Mendel  L. Fox, Abraham Fox, Esther Mother Fox, Minnie Cohen, Anna Tipped over   4
  Hodes, Roses M. Kalin, Saul Stolusky, Pauline Gruskin, Sarah Esther Lavine, Lena Lavine, Nathan Rosenthal, Theo. Rosenthal, Ida Rothschild Nemerow,  Jacob Golden, Ralph Golden, Ida Rakov, Lena Segal, Sara Holstein and Benjamin Z.   Hare, Marcus, Minnie and Beatrice and Ruth Begleman, Ida Weinstein Weinstein, Benjamin Weinstein, Kassel Stolusky, Jacob Bar Cohen, Ralph 3
                      Mother Helen       Jesse Balaban              
                a     Father - Abraham       Rakov, Herman              
            Serlin, Elmer S. Labovitch, Ida Herr, Lena Herr, Carrie Herr, Abe Reisman Black, Abraham Kessel, Mary Rakov Nadler, Abraham and Bella F. Zalmanoff, Morris and Bessie   Weiner, Lillian S. Menter, Ida and Jacob  Weinstein, Simon J.   2
                                  Pudlin, Charles          
          Serling, Marcia Hite, Ida Yaffe, Betty   Hite,  Rose and Hyman Scornick, Eli and Anna Amdursky, Anna Lessen,  Dora Rebecca and Julius Philip Gavenda, Abraham I. Scornick, Benjamin Lipsky, Harry R.   Birnbaum, Moses S Hite, Victor Posen, Lena and Jacob     1

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